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Why Little Princess Spa® SUMMER CAMP in 2024?

Summer camp is much more than just a fun getaway for your children; it’s a nurturing ground for their personal and social development. According to the American Camp Association, summer camps foster a sense of community, promote intergenerational relationships, and provide first-hand learning experiences. The Little Princess Spa® Summer Camp stands out as an exceptional choice for your little girl’s summer adventure. Here, your child will socialize, build friendships, learn teamwork, and resilience in a caring and supportive environment. She will also have the opportunity to try new things, relax and make friends easily, away from school’s social expectations. Above all, our camp focuses on boosting self-esteem, helping your child make decisions independently. The Little Princess Spa® Summer Camp is not just a camp; it’s an investment in your child’s future, promising a transformative and enriching experience that will leave a lasting impact on her growth and development.


what makes us different

A Summer Camp filled with new experiences!


The day starts with an energizing meet and greet session where our little princesses get to know each other, fostering a sense of community right from the start. Following this is a lively stretching and exercise routine to get their bodies moving and ready for the day's activities. The exercises are designed to be enjoyable and engaging, promoting physical health and instilling the habit of daily fitness in a fun way


This is a time for our little princesses to unleash their creativity and artistic skills. They get to paint, draw, craft, and design under the guidance of our skilled instructors. This not only enhances their creativity but also develops fine motor skills and promotes self-expression.


At the Little Princess Spa® Summer Camp, we believe in nurturing not just the mind and spirit, but also the body. That's why at 10am every morning, we have a designated refreshment time. Our little princesses take a break from the fun stretching and exercise to refuel their energy levels.


At 12pm, it's lunchtime where our little princesses enjoy their packed lunches in a friendly and social environment, promoting healthy eating habits and encouraging social interaction.

And there’s more! Each day at Little Princess Spa® Summer Camp is filled with new experiences, learning opportunities, and tons of fun, ensuring our princesses have the summer of their dreams.

Painting Canvas

Here, the children unleash their inner artists, exploring colors and shapes while creating their own masterpieces.

Extensive Crafts

From origami to beadwork, our craft sessions are designed to boost creativity and fine motor skills.


Our little bakers learn simple recipes and the joy of making their own treats, fostering a love for cooking.

Tea Party

This is a time for etiquette learning and social skills, all while enjoying a fancy tea party.

Movie Time

We wind down with age-appropriate movies that are not just entertaining but also carry valuable lessons.

Science Experiment

We make learning fun with hands-on experiments that pique curiosity and foster a love for science.

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